NOTE: This page is partly outdated. It needs to be updated to reflect changes in the platform implemented on 9 March 2021.



ADAGUC portal displaying a MSGCPP OGC WMS Service

A service has been developed to visualize and download retrievals from the CPP algorithm for the full MSG disk covering the past three years (older data are available on request).

The services are implemented according to specifications of the Open Geospatial Consortium and can be used for free. The services work independently of the provided portal, e.g. anybody can use the services directly in their own viewer by using the service links provided in this page.

The services can be viewed directly in the web portal, for example:

OGC Web Services

The spatial data infrastructure is based on OGC compliant web services. These web services include Web Mapping Services (WMS) for online visualization and Web Coverage Services (WCS) for downloading raster data. The MSGCPP data is converted to the network common data format (NetCDF) with Climate and Forecast conventions (CF conventions) and then offered in the OGC services.

The OGC services can be accessed in the ADAGUC portal, a JavaScript based web tool which runs in most modern browsers. The portal allows viewing, zooming, querying and downloading of the data. Interesting situations can be captured and sent to others by creating status hyperlinks. The data can also be displayed in Google Earth if desired.

Here is a direct link to the ADAGUC portal displaying air temperature at the cloud top. This portal is an OGC web client accessing the MSG-CPP OGC webservices. The MSG-CPP OGC web services work independently of the provided web client, the MSG-CPP OGC web services can also be accessed by any other OGC WMS or WCS compliant tool.

Accessing the services

The high resolution of the images and the large data volumes are challenging for real-time and web based visualization services. During the MSG-CPP project the ADAGUC OGC server has been optimized to enable quick rendering of visualizations from NetCDF data, the server reads the NetCDF4 files directly and interpolates the data to the desired geographic projection and location. A new feature of the server is the support for NetCDF flag values and flag meanings as specified in the Climate and Forecast conventions. Flag values and flag meanings allow for visualization of data with discrete values. This feature is used in the visualization of thermodynamic phase of particles at the top of the cloud, which values are indicated with meanings like no_cloud, liquid, ice and mixed. The legend of the WMS service displays these meanings individually and the getfeatureinfo request of the WMS service shows the meaning of the corresponding value.

Realtime and Archive Services

Data is available by two different services, a realtime services and an archive service. The realtime service provides new data every fifteen minutes for the last seven days. The archive service provides all data from the past three years, but is updated only daily. The internal file structure also differ for the two services, the realtime service provides data from individual files while the archive service provides data from daily aggregated files. The last six days of the services should overlap and provide the same results.

OGC Web Map Service (WMS) URLs

MSGCPP OGC Services:

You have to provide Key Value Pair (KVP) commands in the URL in order to tell the service what to do. Below a few examples are given:

GetCapabilities of realtime and archive OGC services (XML file with service description):

Example GetMap Requests

GetMap request of most recent image from realtime OGC service (air temperature at cloud top): GetMap request of most recent image from realtime OGC service with baselayer and overlay (air temperature at cloud top):



GetMap request of most recent precipitation image from realtime OGC service in Dutch Amersfoortse RijksDriehoekstelsel:

im.png (Please note that displayed title and legend are extensions on the Web Map Service standard.)

OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) URLs

MSGCPP OGC Services:

GetCapabilities of realtime and archive OGC services (XML file with service description):

Here is an example of a WCS GetCoverage request, a request with which data can be interpolated, subsetted, reprojected and converted to different formats. In the example URL below, the data is projected to latitude longitude projection (EPSG:4326). An area of longitudes between -46 and -35 and latitudes between 40 and 52 is selected. The number of requested raster cells is 100x100 pixels and the format is ASCII Grid:

OpenDAP data access

You can use an OpenDAP URL in the same way you would normally use a netcdf file. You can for example do:

ncdump -h

FTP data access